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The Printrbot – beginning of construction

Here is a quick picture of the printrbot that I am currently building. The printed parts come from Karl Moko’s uprinter, and have a couple of different colours which are made through a layering technique. The layering allows for some more aesthetic exploration in terms of colours, and can make interesting effects on curved surfaces where colour almost raps around the curve (similar to wood grain, or plyy wood, when curves are cut into them). The effect is really cool, however if the filament being used does not melt at the same temperature there can be bonding issues during colour transition (often colour is a good indicator of how well something will blend, with darker colours needing higher temperatures). A quick fix for this is using a soldering iron to reheat the surfaces and “glue” the pieces together.

The build is coming along quite well, with some modification having to be made to some of the printed parts, aswell as playing around with techniques to getting lowering tolerances with all parts, trying to remove any wiggle and add more stability. The extruder heads we received were meant for makerbots, not the printrbot. So the extruder heads will still do what we need, just a bit to big for the parts we currently have. So a laser cut modification should fix this issue.


The below video is from the first build day – it was made by Jethro Pugh using his Sony DSLR with a fish eye and an arduino based time lapse.



Most of us are in Youssef Tayeb’s class, Industry of One, at RMIT.  By the end of this project we should have 8 working Printrbots. One has been completed, 7 more to go!

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