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Outdoor Curves and Quirks

Keeping up with the jones’

The Argus – Melbourne

Al got her licence

Its pretty nice here

Taken during November from ┬áthe balcony of the Nicholsky’s residence in Brighton. I have upped the saturation on the image slightly, but other than that it really did look like this.

Tonik Junior in the Burn



better paint job

Life Mover, Shaker and Taker

Printing a Spare

as the story goes:

 "car broke down in the bush - used my 3d printer to print out the replacement yoda part which was downloaded onsite using my smartphone."

3d printing saved the day

departing at 3am

where it matters

Thug Trippin

Degraves St. Rebel

Long-term Practice

Ask me what my job is

Please dont be mean

Electric Bustle

Printrbot Ruggedised Micro-Environment

Printrbot Ruggedised Micro-Environment – Set-Up

Printing a Spare


double loop practice